Favorite Cookbooks & Magazines

This book has been a great resource for tasty meals that you don’t feel guilty about. I have either made quite a few of the recipes or used them for inspiration in creating my concoctions. It is also very informative in regards to nutrition. She includes a whole section in the beginning that talks about different foods and what their best attributes are nutritionally. In addition she includes little snippets throughout the book with helpful facts.
I went to the bookstore with the intentions of buying a different baking book, but decided this one was a bit more my style. There is a great variety of good old standbys as well as some fancied up selections. I enjoyed that the book included a wide array of recipes, from breads to cakes to pastries and cookies. There is a section on suggested tools for a baker as well as descriptions of what they are best used for. I think it is a great choice for a basic baking go to.
I was browsing the book section at Costco one day and come across this fabulous set of cookbooks by Bon Appetit. It includes over 1,200 recipes and it is by Bon Appetit, so how could you go wrong? This book includes everything from appetizers to salads, sides, desserts and of course main entrees. The only downside is that it is so darn big so I haven’t actually been able to navigate through the entire thing yet. I have definitely skimmed though and there are tons of fabulous sounding dishes.
As I mentioned in the review above, there was actually a set of Bon Appetit cookbooks. This is the second book that was included. This one is more focused on quick and easy recipes that use fresh ingredients that are easy to find. Not only that, but the recipes won’t look or for that matter taste like they were quick and easy. It’s another huge book with enough recipes to last you for a long while.
I found this book on the clearance rack at the bookstore one day and just couldn’t pass it up. It has beautiful photography, delicious Italian recipes and wonderful stories about the culinary side of the culture. Not only is it a wonderful cookbook, but it also makes a beautiful coffee table book. It is also put out by William Sonoma, so you know you can’t go wrong.
Cooking Light is my ultimate go to cooking magazine. As someone who likes to cook in a healthy manner without sacrificing great tasting meals I couldn’t ask for a better resource. It has wonderful recipes as well as informative articles on not just cooking food but it focuses on nutrition as well as the cultural side of food. Not only is it a great magazine, but the website is a fabulous resource that I use all of the time.
I know you either love her or hate her, but I love her. I actually have to credit Rachael Ray for peaking my interest in cooking. I grew up with simple everyday meals, so I could relate to her cooking. She wasn’t intimidating and made cooking look easy. From there I branched out and started trying fancier things. I love her magazine though; it is just a lot of fun. It isn’t just about cooking, but also about fashion, entertaining, travel and just a bit of everything.

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