Welcome to the new Little Miss Foodie Two Shoes!  I started the Little Miss Foodie Two Shoes blog quite a while ago, but unfortunately I neglected it.  I became so backed up on my entries that I didn’t think I would ever get it up to date.  Since I figured I would be spending a lot of time getting caught up, I decided to just do a whole blog overhaul while I was at it.  Thanks to my husband, Greg, I now have a new blog and I plan on taking much better care of it!

As you will see from the dates of my posts, I did a lot of catchup over the past month or so.  Quite a few dates aren’t going to coincide with when the recipes were first made.  That will explain why my Christmas Cookie post has a date of February, lol.  I promise I was not making Christmas cookies this past week.  :o)  Hopefully now that I am caught up, I can stay on top of it better from here on out.

You will notice there is a tab named “my favorites.”  I plan to start adding some of my favorite cookbooks, wines, gadgets, etc.  So stay tuned for that.

I hope you enjoy!  I know I am very thankful for so many of the food blogs out there because they inspire me to do so much more in the kitchen.  I am glad I can continue to share my ideas and food finds with all of you as well.  Happy Cooking!