Christmas Cookies

My mom, sister and I have a tradition of always making Christmas cookies together.  It started when we were little girls and would make them with our grandmother and godmother.  Unfortunately the two of them are no longer with us, so my mom has carried on the tradition with her two girls. Well, this past Christmas we weren’t able to spend together, so I was on my own with the cookies.

I visit the What’s Cooking board on The Nest quite often.  We usually do a gift exchange for every season.  Well, my secret exchange person (tiff0803) just happened to send me a box of sugar cookie mix from King Arthur (along with sprinkles, cookie cutters and a cookie scoop) as my gift.  I was thrilled to receive the box of goodies!  I normally make homemade sugar cookies for the cutouts, but since my schedule was crazy and I had this box mix, I decided to go in that direction instead this year.

Since I was on my own, Greg decided to join in on the fun of decorating.  He is Jewish, so Christmas cookie making is not one of his past times, lol.  It was quite humorous because I think he reverted back to a 5 year old while decorating.  We both enjoyed ourselves so much!  This will definitely be something I do together with him again and one day with our children.

Here are our masterpieces, lol.




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